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may 2021
AMGEN to open Capability Center in Lisbon
MAY 2021
The U.S. based biotechnology group AMGEN will open in Lisbon a global business operations centre and it will create approximately 300 highly-skilled jobs in the next two years.
The new facility, named Amgen Capability Center Portugal, will house roles that are key to Amgen’s ability to adapt to a fast-evolving environment, including certain capabilities across general and administrative, research & development and commercial functions.
According to the Executive Director and Site Head, Daniel Campanha, “Lisbon was a convincing choice to install this Capability Center, primarily due to its availability of strong local talent, appeal to international talent, favorable culture, cost profile, and stable and mature business environment.”

German RFA to produce space launcher systems in Portugal
APRIL 2021
A joint venture formed by the German Rocket Factory Augsburg AG (RFA) and the Portuguese Engineering and Development Center (CEiiA) will develop and manufacture space launcher systems in Portugal, according to a joint press release of RFA, CEiiA and AICEP Portugal Global. The project includes the production of primary structures for micro-launchers, as well as support structures for the propulsion system and RFA will invest 9 million euros over a period of 3 years.
“We are honored to play such a vital role in the Portuguese space industry. PT Space is doing a fantastic job with their space strategy. The partnership supported by AICEP will enable launcher development in Portugal, leveraging the highly-skilled talent pool in Portugal combined with the industrialization know-how from Germany,” according to Jörn Spurmann, Chief Commercial Officer at RFA and Managing Director at RFA Portugal.
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Genpact establishes a Delivery Centre in Portugal
MAY 2021
The U.S. professional services firm Genpact has selected Lisbon by the end of 2020 to support Content Moderation & Data Labeling needs of high-tech clients across the globe especially for regions such as APAC, EMEA & Americas.
Currently, Genpact Portugal employs 175+ people with more than 20 nationalities speaking more than 15 languages. Plans for 2021 include a further expansion of the service offerings along with the deployment of a wide range of digital tools, adding new scope to the business and further grow the talent pool by 3 times, by the end of the year.
According to Genpact, the strategic location in Western Europe, building on a stable business ecosystem, access to a large and international pool of talented resources and a high quality infrastructure, is what made Lisbon a preferred location to serve both Genpact and its clients' businesses.
American-European Investors announced a large-scale global green Data Centre in Sines
APRIL 2021
Start Campus, a company owned by US-based Davidson Kempner Capital Management LP and UK-based Pioneer Point Partners, announced the development of a Hyperscale Data Centre campus of up to 450 MW, to be located in Sines, Portugal, a project with an estimated investment size of up to €3.5 billion.
The project will directly create up to 1,200 high-qualified jobs and over 8,000 indirect jobs by 2025. The project Sines 4.0 will be one of the largest data centre campus in Europe.
According to Sam Abboud, a Founding Partner at Pioneer Point Partners: “Sines 4.0© is a large-scale 100% green data centre that responds to the needs of the global market. The availability of cheap local green energy combined with geographical proximity to three other continents with fast connections using new high-speed subsea cables make Sines an ideal location that will propel Portugal onto the international data traffic and data centre stage.”
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Portugal: Europe's Silicon Valley?
"Traditional, yet modern. Portugal seems to have found the right mix" says DW. Know more in the video.
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Lisbon as one of the “21 Places of the Future – Where is the Future of Work?”
a report by Cognizant

“With its rich history, Mediterranean climate and status as a world capital of cool, Portugal’s largest city is at once an aspirational tech innovator and a must-live city for Europe’s young workforce.” Red the full report.
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farfetch is one of the world's most influential companies

The online luxury retail platform Farfetch, with Portuguese DNA, is part of the 2021 TIME 100 Most Influential Companies worldwide.
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Webinar: Reshaping Business Services

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Join a panel of industry experts discussing the operational and organisational model that will enable Business Services to deliver an outstanding Value Proposition.

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